I’m still getting followers on this blog.

But I’ve switched URLs and won’t be updating it anymore.

So following it is pretty pointless. Just sayin’.

(You can still get my new URL by messaging me.)


I think I’ve added pretty much everybody

I cut down lots of blogs because I don’t have time to follow as many people

I am down to 65 of you on the new one

if any of my followers haven’t been followed and want my new url send me a message and i’ll consider it

awildninetales replied to your post: augh i have been so preoccupied with my new blog that i totally forgot supernatural was on

There’s Fire Emblem art. Like you expect me to complain.


like wow i didn’t realise i posted so much

augh i have been so preoccupied with my new blog that i totally forgot supernatural was on

worst fan

too tired to watch it now

but hey

i have enough shit queued on my other blog to post the maximum for a week

which i think is kinda impressive

i could disappear

you’d never know

(also i can’t help but wonder what the hell this is like for matt because he is literally my only follower on there so far)

I adore the way fan fiction writers engage with and critique source texts, but manipulating them and breaking their rules. Some of it is straight-up homage, but a lot of [fan fiction] is really aggressive towards the source text. One tends to think of it as written by total fanboys and fangirls as a kind of worshipful act, but a lot of times you’ll read these stories and it’ll be like ‘What if Star Trek had an openly gay character on the bridge?’ And of course the point is that they don’t, and they wouldn’t, because they don’t have the balls, or they are beholden to their advertisers, or whatever. There’s a powerful critique, almost punk-like anger, being expressed there—which I find fascinating and interesting and cool.

Lev Grossman (via theadventuresofcargline)

“kevin cronin sings it from the heart.”
                       jo harvelle appreciation
- 2.05 (simon said)

okay it’s happened

i have finally become too distressed at never being able to find anything in my blog

i am making a new one 

and this one will be super-organised with tags and stuff